Technical information

Our flat PVC heating elements are usually used for applications in high-humidity environments. They have an IP 67 protection rating and are approved for skin contact.

Advantages of PVC flat heaters:

- Waterproof
- Flexible
- Good chemical resistance
- Acid-resistant
- High mechanical strength

Our flat polyimide heating elements are made of a thin, semi-transparent material (polyimide) with excellent dielectric strength. Polyimide is resistant to most chemicals, acids and bases. Its temperature range extends from -271°C (liquid helium...) to 200°C.

On request, we can add components such as thermistors, sensors and integrated circuits by soldering them to the element.

Advantages of flat polyimide heating elements:

- High and low temperature range
- Excellent dielectric strength
- Good chemical resistance
- Ability to add components (thermistors, etc.)

Applications compatible with PVC and Polyimide flat heaters:

- Military and aerospace (degassing...)

- Medical instruments (cleaning, sterilization...)

- Camera/lens

- LCD screens

- Laboratory research

- Surgical beds (tablets)

- Water heaters

- Battery heaters.

Flat PVC and Polyimide heating elements are used in the following industries:

- Industries (automotive, military, aerospace...)

- O.E.M manufacturers

- Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

This list is not exhaustive.

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