Technical information

Electro-Therm's standard range of screw-in immersion heaters is designed for container and tank applications, as well as for flow heaters. To learn more about our standard dimensions, materials and power ratings, please consult us or refer to our product data sheets.

Electro-Therm immersion heaters are either pre-designed for standard applications, or customized for your specific needs. For your specific requirements, our design office will suggest a solution adapted to your needs.


Available in stock:


A huge choice (nickel-plated copper, AISI, INCOLOY...)


M 45 - M 77

1"1/4 - 1" 1/2


2" - 2"1/2 Inches


500 W to 45 KW

Electro-Therm screw-in immersion heaters are used for all applications involving the heating of liquids.

Screw-in immersion heaters are used in the following industries:

- O.E.M manufacturers

- Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

- Food industry

- Pharmaceuticals and chemicals


This list is not exhaustive.

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