Technical information

Formable coil heaters are liquid-proof and are available in two versions:

- RP, a cold-formable element.

- RPT, a cold-formable element but with built-in type J or K thermocouple, located about 5 mm from the end of the heater, as standard. The thermocouple is usually isolated from ground.

Standard dimensions are listed in our product data sheets. For specific requirements, please consult us.

Forming RP/RPT cold-formable heaters:

As a rule, formable coil can be bent manually with a spindle. For heating cylinders, we recommend the use of a winding device.

In all cases, avoid small radius and hammer blows.

Caution ! Never straighten a shaped coil !

We can also form your heaters to your requirements.

Characteristics of RP / RPT cold-forming heaters:

Outer sheath

AISI 321 stainless steel or pure nickel on request


Highly compressed magnesium oxide

Heating filament

In NiCr 80/20


Isolated or on request by mass



Conductors Teflon or Silicone Fiberglass

Others on request



From 24 to 400 V

Allowable temperature

Maximum 750°C on the sleeve

Length tolerance

± 2% on heating length

Formable coil heaters can be used to heat a wide variety of items, in particular injection nozzles and hot runners in plastics and food industries.

Other applications include laboratory equipment, machine construction, gas analysis equipment, train couplings, air heating, calender heating, etc.

Formable coil heaters are used in the following industries:

- Plastics and rubber industries

- O.E.M manufacturers

- Food industry

- Foundries (Zamak...)

- Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

- Packaging

- Energy

This list is not exhaustive.

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