Technical information

Characteristics of our heating batteries:

- Air and gas batteries up to 400°C

- Load bank batteries

- Batteries with front removable heating elements

- Tubular elements of all size and diameters on request

- Spiral or rectangular brazed steel fins with high-temperature aluminum finish (stainless steel models on request)

- Rigid frame in electro-galvanized sheet steel (up to 3 mm thick for some industrial applications)

- Siliconized fiberglass-insulated wiring...

- Melamine terminal block...

- Different heating levels

- For air temperature above 150°C, a special design protects the terminals

- Safety temperature limiter with manual or automatic reset

Electro-Therm heating batteries are used for air or gas heating.

Heating batteries are used in the following industries:

- Food processing


- Packaging

- Industrial applications

- Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

- Energy & Power

And others according to your requirements ...

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