Technical information

Available diameters: 10, 11, 12 and 16 mm

Voltages: 10 to 30 V, 100 to 140 V, 200 to 265 V

Construction and benefits:

Self-regulating PTC cartridges are high-density cartridge heaters with a PTC heating element. As temperature is increased, the heating element is increased and the power dissipation is reduced. A control system is not necessary. Self-regulating PTC cartridges are economical and reliable.


  • Fiberglass-, Teflon- or silicone-insulated conductors.
  • Approx. 30 mm smooth rod with Teflon sheath.


Our cartridge heaters are carefully tested, piece by piece. However, their service life depends essentially on the conditions in which they are used.

Here are 10 important points to keep in mind, to ensure that your machine works correctly.

  • Cartridges should be placed in calibrated holes using a reamer.
  • Lifetime also depends on the load, so it's better to have more cartridges, but less powerful ones.
  • The entire cartridge must be in contact with the metal (no lack of metal in the bore), with only the ceramic head protruding.
  • If possible, the hole should be through-hole to facilitate cartridge insertion and removal. At the end, the through hole can be of a smaller diameter.
  • Our heat-resistant anti-friction products make cartridges easier to fit and remove. It also improves heat transfer, but be careful not to apply it to the ceramic head or wires.
  • Electrical connection cables must be protected against fluids such as water, lubricants, oil, plastic, etc., which could cause leakage currents or ignition at the conductor output.
  • Those cables must be protected against vibration and shock at the cartridge output, to prevent damage.
  • Temperature control should be ensured by a good temperature regulator, if possible with modulated action, or by any other electronic power control system. To avoid excessive thermal inertia, which could cause the coil heater to overheat, position the control sensors approximately 10mm from the cartridge.
  • Cartridge heaters must be stored in an absolutely dry room, or in hermetically sealed plastic bags.
  • When using several cartridges side by side, the distance between each one must be at least one diameter.

Self-regulating PTC cartridge heaters are used to defrosting, frost protection and water evaporation. They are therefore used for climatic installations, freezing equipment etc...

Self-regulating PTC cartridge heaters are used in the following industries:

- Food industry

- Packaging

- Industrial applications

- Plastics

- Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

- Laboratory

- Energy

And others according to your needs ...

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