Technical information

General characteristics of our mobile and wall-mounted air heaters:

- Wide range of control options to optimize performance according to operating conditions.

- Adjustable room temperature selector. (Maximum temperature around 39ºC)

- 5 vertical orientation

- The wall-mounting accessory allows horizontal orientation of the air heater in any direction, thanks to the possibility of turning it up to 180º

- Can be used as a mobile or fixed unit at any wall height, depending on the model

- Protective grids to prevent direct contact with fan fins and indirect contact with fan shielding

Mobile and wall-mounted air heaters are used on construction sites, in production environments, stables, hangars, garages and any other place where comfortable temperature and humidity are important for the well-being of its users.

Mobile and wall-mounted air heaters are used in the following industries:

- Food processing


- Packaging

- Industrial applications

- Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

- Energy & Power

And others according to your requirements ...

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