Technical information

Characteristics of our ceiling mounted air heaters:

- Particularly suited to high-ceiling spaces, those heating elements are highly efficient, as they recirculate hot air (stratified in high areas of the building) to the floor

- Very simple to install, they take up no useful space, require little maintenance and are delivered fully equipped (automatic thermal protector incorporated)

- Installed at height, they do not obstruct passageways or work areas

- Protection level, IP34

- Options : Three-phase models can be supplied for 3~230V installation

Ceiling mounted air heaters are used on worksites, in production environments, stables, hangars, garages and any other place where comfortable temperature and humidity are important for the well-being of its users.

Ceiling mounted air heaters are used in the following industries:

- Food processing


- Packaging

- Industrial applications

- Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

- Energy & Power

And others according to your requirements ...

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