Technical information

Self-regulating heating cables are used for frost protection and to maintain a uniform temperature.

This technology offers a number of advantages : Cables length can be adjusted as required, and they do not overheat if placed on top of eachothers. This facilitates installation on flanges and valves, for example.

We offer a wide and flexible range of self-regulating heating cables. We have cables that can handle temperature up to 250°C and power ratings of up to 130W/m.

We can handle most applications, including ATEX zones.

Our self-regulating heating cables are frequently used as frost protection, for example to prevent icing on railroad switches, overhead lines, water and sewage pipes and drain systems.

Self-regulating heating cables are used in the following industries:

- Plastics and rubber industries

- O.E.M manufacturers

- Food industry

- Foundries (Zamak, etc.)

- Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

- Packaging

- Industries

This list is not exhaustive.

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