Technical information

Our tubular heating elements for railway applications are in stock in standard 5.5 x 13 mm sections, with different power and lengths. We can also manufacture customed elements with non-standard section and power.

Here are a few explanations about our tubular heating elements for railway applications:

- High-quality materials for harsh operating conditions. Our tubular elements can be used at temperature from -50°C to +140°C.

- Totally waterproof connection boxes (IP 68). Fully or partially molded, replaceable cable.

- Equal heat dispersion thanks to high power density.

- Special fixation accessories (clamps, clamping brackets, clips, connection head fasteners, etc.) ensure optimum operation when the rail and heating elements expand.

Tubular elements for railway applications are mainly used to protect switch infrastructures from freezing.

Tubular elements are designed for the railway industry.

However, they can also be custom-formed, and have demonstrated their values in other industries. See our range of custom-formed round, oblong and square tubular heating elements.

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